E-Commerce Web Development in Kenya

Want to Build an Ecommerce Website in Kenya?

Nifty Web Solutions is an e-commerce development company that offers a full-suite of custom e-commerce solutions for businesses of all sizes in Kenya.

Our custom ecommerce website development services include strategy, integrations, and migrations from legacy platforms and of course, support and maintenance services for online stores that we develop to keep them functional and operational all the time.

If you’re looking for an ecommerce website desigin and development company in Nairobi Kenya with an online payment intergration to M-Pesa services we are here to help you. Grow your e-commerce business quickly with the support of an expert.


Why Choose Our E-commerce Website Design Services in Kenya?

Our e-commerce website design services are tailored to meet the needs of small and large businesses in Kenya that are looking to establish a strong online presence and sell their products or services online. Our team uses the latest tools and technologies to ensure that your e-commerce website is not only visually appealing but also user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Your website has to be quick, trustworthy, easy to use and showcase your products in the best possible light. The checkout process is key here, not forgetting the ability to process payments securely too.

We delight in working on outstanding ecommerce websites, our team of strategists designers and developers will help you start selling your products and services today through your website!

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eCommerce website design: What’s included?

Do you need an ecommerce website for your business? An Ecommerce website is an integral part of any sales channel. In fact, it may be your only sales channel which is why it’s important to get it right. Start selling online within afew hours.

Why You Need an Ecommerce Website in Kenya

We create custom eCommerce sites that drive sales and leave a lasting impression. With years of experience, we understand various brands, products, and what target audiences look for when shopping. Be it a single-vendor marketplace truly owned and managed by you or a multi-vendor store where multiple vendors with multiple stores arrange virtual storefronts under one brand name, our custom eCommerce development services can meet all your requirements.

E-Commerce development Features

With a Nifty Web Solutions Ecommerce platform you can list Unlimited Products, unlimited categories and unlimited webpages, so you will never be restricted, no matter how big your business grows.

Our Ecommerce system also features invoicing and statistics, Real-time PayPal or Credit Card payment processing, an -Post shipping calculator, Coupons & Discount Rules, Customer Groups for Wholesale/Retail pricing, Product Reviews.


Ecommerce website design that's easy to Manage

If you are looking to establish an online store or an ecommerce website as new growth and revenue strategy, look no further than Nifty Web Solutions’ adept with requisite expertise and experience in providing the best in professional e-commerce web design solutions.

WordPress E-Commerce Development

Are you looking for a WordPress website designer near me? Well, here we are. First, it’s best to know how powerful the WordPress platform is, yet it is open source. This means anyone can use WordPress and modify it however they want without paying a cent.

You won’t be able to find any other e-commerce platform that lets you get started free of charge. Woocommerce is a trusted e-commerce platform that our web developers use m mostly to develop online shops. We prefer this platform because of its extensiveness, which lets us build anything without a hassle.

Our Recent Projects

Our Kenya web design plans offers many possibilities.

offering the best solution at a very affordable price. We have different solutions and web design plans in Kenya.

We love to help. Seriously.

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Web Design FAQ:

What’s the difference between website design and development?

Website development includes building a website’s core structure using programming languages, while web designing is related to the user interface and user experience design. They both work side by side. Web developers use their coding skills to breathe life into a web designer’s creative vision.

What is included in website development?

Website development services vary across a wide range of domains including web engineering, e-commerce platform development, web design, client-side/server-side scripting, web server, network security configuration to name just a few.

How much does building a website typically cost?

Website development cost varies from project to project. It depends on the project itself. Normally, a good website with both server-side and front-end development cost ranges from $10000 to $200000+. You would need to discuss your requirements with the web development team to estimate the actual cost. For more info read: How Much Does it Cost to Build a Website in Kenya?